10 Unique Gift Shops around the Metro and Online

Olivia Barredo
November 29, 2022

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It's nearly Christmas, and I'm sure you've already had to deal with the stress of trying to figure out what to get everyone on your list from coworkers and friends to spouses and parents to other family members and friends to yourself. Therefore, if you are still looking for ideas for Christmas presents, you might think about purchasing items or services from local businesses in the Philippines. Furthermore, with the availability of online shopping websites and Instagram stores, making a purchase is simple and quick, which is particularly helpful if you're already short on time.


Not only will you be able to surprise the recipient with a unique present, but you will also be helping and supporting local craftsmen, creators, crafters, and dealers who have put a lot of time and energy into their work.


A Glance at Gift-Giving in the Philippines


Giving presents is a deeply held tradition in Filipino culture. Similarly, with the country's diverse social customs and rich culture, the gift-giving ritual takes on a variety of forms. In the Philippines, giving presents is not only expected but also a measure of one's social standing. 


Accordingly, the following is a standard protocol that Filipinos adhere to when it comes to giving presents to loved ones on special occasions.



10 Unique Gift Shops Online and Around the Metro 


It's more rewarding to give than to receive, particularly if you have a knack for finding great deals. For varying budgets, styles, and recipients, here are tested favorites, international labels, and local concept stores.




Image from His & Hers


Have you had enough dull gift shops and clothing stores that only provide a few mediocre options? There is a difference between his and hers. Instead of presenting a wide, generic selection, His & Hers has carefully selected a small number of items that would appeal to hopeless romantics like us. His and Hers puts an emphasis on things that will get you enthusiastic about shopping once again, since it is important that online shopping be enjoyable.




Image from Printave


Printave Philippines should be your first and only stop if you are seeking necklaces of superior quality to offer as gifts. Printave is proud to make products that people will treasure forever, whether it's a birthday gift, an anniversary ring, or a tribute for a loved one who has passed away. 


Ben and Bart


Image from Ben and Bart


Finding the best possible keepsake or giving a gift might be challenging. What do you select, a functional and helpful item, or an aesthetically pleasing but ultimately useless one? Why not choose something comforting and reminiscent instead? If you're looking for anything retro, you could get lucky at Ben & Bart, an online vintage shop located in Manila.


The business, which began operations in September of last year, specializes in selling hand-cranked wooden music boxes. With the rising interest in old culture (music, architecture, etc.), Ben & Bart's goal is to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia in its customers via the use of authentic, handcrafted music boxes.


Presently, the business handles both small and large orders. If you're interested in purchasing more than 50 of their songs, you may do so in bulk. For a minimum order of 250 units, they may personalize any 18-second segment of a song. Aside from that, they provide text printing and picture printing on the inside lid of the music box for an extra price. Nevertheless, both choices are free for customers who purchase the music box in bulk.


The Good Store


Image from The Good Store


The Good Store is a retail establishment that promotes local, community-based businesses or businesses motivated by a charitable purpose. Your one-stop shop for items that promote social responsibility, meaningful causes, and community empowerment, all in one convenient location. You may make shopping more meaningful by looking through items that promote social good and learning about the many communities and causes that are supported by those products.


Papercuts by Ricci


Image from Papercuts by Ricci

Located in the heart of Cagayan de Oro, Paper Cuts is a family-run company with a focus on producing high-quality paper flowers at affordable prices. Papercuts are of the belief that showing your loved ones how much they mean to you does not require spending a lot of money.




Image from Papemelroti


Papemelroti may be the first name that comes to mind when you are in the mood to hunt for arts and crafts that were manufactured in the Philippines. In the 1960s, the family company opened its doors as a modest gift store. Since then, it has expanded into a specialized shop that sells a broad selection of paper goods and other accessories, the majority of which are manufactured from recycled materials.


Silahis Art & Artifacts Inc.


Image from Silahis Art & Artifacts Inc.


The Silahis Center is a multi-level retail establishment offering antiques and Philippine handicrafts. It's more like visiting a museum than a store due to the extensive collection of items, the dedicated art gallery space, and the stunning historic structure in the heart of Intramuros. The goal of the Silahis Center is to provide visitors with an understanding of Filipino culture, particularly that of the Spanish colonial period. There is a wide variety of rattan and wood-woven baskets, freshwater pearl and shell jewelry, native material home decor, wooden furniture, and more.


If you want to buy something to remember your trip by or to give as a gift, this is the place to go. Artifacts from many cultures, such as antique books and prints, paintings, sculptures, textiles, and pottery, may be found in the various exhibits housed at the Silahis Center.




Image from Quirks


Your personal comedian deserves a thank-you present that will put a smile on his face, so go ahead and get him something that's a little offbeat. When asked to characterize itself, Quirks Novelties & Curiosities says, "Where things aren't always what they seem; where you'll never know what you'll find; where everyone gets a good laugh." A condom-shaped eraser and a doormat designed to look like a ticket are just two examples.




Image from Typo


Notebooks and office supplies are a safe gift for students and coworkers with whom you get along but are not particularly close. This brand-new Australian franchise offers a wide variety of stationery and other items to suit any taste, including: a pencil box decorated with skeleton drawings; a folder covered in a delicate floral watercolor pattern; a notebook with a fake wood cover You may also pick up several rolls of unique wrapping paper and a selection of greeting cards.



Image from A’postrophe

You may find fashionable clothing and accessories here for the wonderful ladies in your life. There are ornamental necklaces and bracelets, scarves and handbags with intricate embroidery, decorative items for the house, and even dresses and flats. There is a dedicated section for classic Audrey Hepburn looks in black, white, and gold, plus other sections for other styles and color palettes. Don't forget to check the back of the closet, behind the bed, and in the drawers for any hidden treasures that may be just the thing for your best friend.


These are just some of the many online shops in the Philippines that you can look into for gifts and trinkets. This guide to the best online gift stores is an excellent place to begin your search whether you are searching for a unique present to give during the off-season or if you would like to shop for a number of people on your gift list all at once on a single website so that you may cross them all off your list.