2023 NA: 5 Things We NEED to Normalize This Year

Joanna Marie O. Santos
January 21, 2023

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Making resolutions for the new year has traditionally served as a means for people to focus on and make plans for the things in their lives that are truly important. But at the same time, we trick ourselves into creating a resolution we cannot commit to; maybe 2023 is the year to change all of that! If living and surviving a global pandemic has taught us, we should always prioritize ourselves first - our health and wellness should be our top priority. It may seem odd but prioritizing ourselves is rare, even in 2023! So scream your heart out and be the best version of yourself this year! Here are the things we should normalize for a healthy, more relaxed body, mind, and soul!


2023 Na: 5 Things that NEED to be Normalized This Year


Doing Things Alone


Ever seen a picture on Facebook when an individual eating alone is being tagged as a lonely and sad person? Who says eating by yourself is sad and lonely? It could be practical, saving for money, or just eating alone. First, let us normalize not taking pictures of others but, most importantly, normalize doing things alone and not making feel about it. 



Yes, the world could be sad and lonely when you have no one at your side, but that does not mean you cannot find happiness alone. Being alone means a time for yourself to re-evaluate life and rethink how you can impact the world. Doing things alone empowers you to be an independent person who strives on your will—experiencing troubles? Naturally, asking friends or relatives for guidance can be beneficial, but developing your thoughts and resolutions to challenges is crucial. Being by yourself minimizes distractions and encourages independent problem-solving.


Mental Health Talks 


Let us face it, after the horrendous non-stop lockdowns during the pandemic; we have examined and known ourselves more than ever. It's time to acknowledge what we have learned ourselves, and maybe, we could ask for the things we cannot handle - especially in our minds. Talking honestly about mental health can help dispel stigma and misconceptions and motivate those struggling to get help and support, and bond with others.



It's 2023, and sweeping things under the rug when we struggle with our thoughts on the inside is not a healthy solution; prioritizing yourself means acknowledging that you require professional help. There is no shame in seeking help from a doctor, and it will not make you "crazy" or "cuckoo" but instead will make you feel more in control of your mind and self-seeking for a better tomorrow.


Traveling Alone


"Baguio, G?", "Tara Elyu!" or "Gora na sa Bora!" - it's time to take the leap of fate and wait no longer and book that flight and travel alone! Yes, traveling alone is scary and intimidating, but aren't we paying for the experience? Solo travels help you to know yourself more, especially in an uncharted place! It is not only a discovery of places and experiences; it is also a journey for self-discovery! Not to mention cost-effective! It will help you plan more effectively and organize well on travels to fit the buck on your vacay.



An essential thing in solo traveling is that you are the master of your soul. When traveling alone, it is entirely up to you what you choose to do. As a result, you'll have no choice but to follow your intuition and make decisions solely based on it. Traveling solo is your chance to be in charge; it is a chance to escape the life you have and be a person of action - and although it won't last long, the opportunities to be a boss solo traveler will soon come again.


Freedom of Expression


Ever experience a lingering thought in your head in conversations, and sometimes you want to say it but tend to hold back because you hesitate to speak out? Well, start practicing your thoughts aloud because being unapologetically free from your thoughts should be a prime mantra for 2023! Not only that, speaking freely helps you to be more expressive; it is part of us as human beings, and without communication, how can you express yourself more? It may be the year to confess or speak up to your family. Who knows? What matters is that you said what is on top of your head. 



Speaking freely means a chance to flourish and grow, develop a sense of self and a purpose of communication - making a part of a significant role in society. Not only is it healthy, but it also helps other people to engage more in the conversation creating a loop of delightful interaction with one another. You will feel less alone, provide stress relief, and lighten the load you might be experiencing. But most importantly - talking is a start, may it be a conversation or a chance for genuine interaction, it helps to start growing and a start to begin a new life.


Doing Things Yourself



Maybe there is a broken chair sitting in your home or a burnt-out light bulb you still need to fix because you are waiting for the maintenance guy to assist you in installing and securing everything at your home. For a fresh start on being independent in 2023, grab your toolbox and be the best Do It Yourself queen of the house! Self-maintenance and repairs will provide you the chance to make little improvements that will enhance your home's usability as a living space and boost its worth. Staying on top of things will help you avoid difficulties in the long run. Are you going to wait for a person to save you or be the savior you are waiting for?


2023 is just another year when we think of it, but another year means another start and a chance for everyone to change. Don't let past inhibitions limit you from being the best version of yourself. These are only minimal things to change and accept in life. What matters the most is normalizing and prioritizing your self-growth among others, making sure that at the end of the year, you are a different person from the first day of the year. Who else better knows your life than the person who is holding it? Don't let life devour you, instead, be the captain of your ship and sail your way to peace and harmony in 2023!