5 Things We Know About Disney+'s Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Joanna Marie O. Santos
September 20, 2023

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When it comes to entertainment, few names command as much loyalty and anticipation as Disney. With Disney+, the platform has breathed new life into beloved franchises, and one such revival that has fans across the globe on the edge of their seats is "Percy Jackson & The Olympians." 


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5 Things We Know About the Percy Jackson Disney+ Series


With its upcoming release, we'll delve into five key aspects you need to know about this series. Set to be a faithful adaptation of Rick Riordan's iconic book series, we’ll explore why fans are buzzing with excitement.


1. Faithful Adaptation of the Books


One of the primary reasons fans are eagerly awaiting "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" is the promise of a faithful adaptation. Rick Riordan, the author himself, is deeply involved in the series, serving as a writer and executive producer. This level of author involvement is a rare gem in the world of book-to-screen adaptations, ensuring that the heart and soul of the source material will remain intact.

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Another particularly exciting aspect for fans is the casting of age-appropriate actors in the TV series. The previous movie adaptations faced criticism for aging up the characters, but this time, the cast mirrors the ages of the characters in the books. It's a move that not only shows the commitment to staying true to the source material but also ensures a more immersive experience for fans.


2. An All-New Cast


The introduction of an all-new cast adds a fresh layer of excitement to the series. Stepping into the iconic roles, we have Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase, and Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood, forming the primary trio that fans have come to adore.


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But it's not just the demigods taking center stage. The gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus are also set to make their grand appearance in "The Lightning Thief" adaptation. With these divine beings, viewers can expect an ensemble cast that brings Greek mythology to life.


Supporting characters are equally important in Riordan's universe, and the TV series doesn't disappoint in this regard. With a diverse ensemble, including Virginia Kull as Sally Jackson, Timm Sharp as the obnoxious Gabe Ugliano, and Jason Mantzoukas as the irritable Mr. D, it's clear that the series aims to capture the essence of the books by bringing these characters to life with depth and authenticity.


3. Familiar Locations with a Twist


While the heart of "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" lies in the fantastical world of Greek mythology, filming for the series took place in Vancouver, Canada, offering a picturesque backdrop for the story. Vancouver's lush greenery and stunning landscapes will breathe new life into familiar locations from the books.


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Fans can look forward to revisiting iconic places like Camp Half-Blood, the training ground for demigods, and the Empire State Building, which serves as the entrance to Mount Olympus. These locations are more than just settings; they're crucial elements of the story, and their portrayal in the series promises to provide an immersive experience for fans.


4. Release Date and Episode Details


Production for the first season of "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" wrapped up in February 2023, marking a significant milestone in the series' journey. The official release date was confirmed to be December 20, 2023. Fans may need to wait a little bit more to witness the epic adventure unfold on Disney+.


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Rick Riordan's vision for the series is ambitious, with hopes for a total of five seasons, each corresponding to one of the books in the series. The realization of this vision depends on the support and viewership it garners on Disney+. 


5. Enhanced Visual Effects and Production Value


For Disney projects, expectations for visual effects and production value are high, and "Percy Jackson & The Olympians'' is no exception. Riordan has expressed his hope for a budget comparable to Disney+ blockbusters like "WandaVision'' and "The Mandalorian." This level of investment suggests that viewers can anticipate a visual feast that brings the magic and wonder of Greek mythology to life like never before.


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The promise of enhanced visual effects is particularly significant when compared to the previous movie adaptations. With a dedicated platform like Disney+, the series has the space and resources to fully explore the grandeur of Riordan's world. This investment in production value could elevate the series to new storytelling heights, making it a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.


A Series For The Gods


"Percy Jackson & The Olympians" on Disney+ is shaping up to be a dream come true for fans of Rick Riordan's beloved book series. With a faithful adaptation, an all-new cast, familiar yet reimagined locations, and a commitment to enhancing visual effects and production value, the anticipation for this series is at an all-time high.


The world of Percy Jackson is about to get a whole lot bigger and more enchanting on Disney+. So, whether you're a seasoned demigod or a newcomer to Camp Half-Blood, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates and join the fandom when the series finally premieres on Disney+. It's bound to be an adventure of mythical proportions.