7 Movies To Watch At The Korean Film Festival 2023

Joanna Marie O. Santos
September 11, 2023

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The world of cinema is a window to different cultures and experiences, and for movie enthusiasts in the Philippines, the Korean Film Festival (KFF) 2023 is a much-anticipated event that promises to offer a captivating glimpse into the heart of South Korea. With the theme "Ka-ja! Korea Through Films," this festival is set to take place from September 22 to 26. This event, presented by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC), in collaboration with esteemed partners like the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), is poised to transport you into the world of Korean cinema. In this article, we will delve into what you can expect at the upcoming Korean Film Festival 2023.


Exploring the Festival Lineup


The heart of any film festival lies in its carefully curated selection of films, and KFF 2023 has a fantastic lineup in store. Audiences can expect to be swept away by seven captivating Korean films, each offering a unique cinematic experience.


1. Life is Beautiful


Image from KCC/KOFIC


This joyful musical stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Yum Jung-ah, Park Se-wan, and K-pop idol Ong Seong-wu. It's a celebration of life and love, promising to leave you with a smile on your face.


2. The Book of Fish


Image from KCC/KOFIC


Starring Sol Kyung-gu and Byun Yo-han, this black-and-white film takes you on a historical journey filled with adventure and mystery.


3. Bori


Image from KCC/KOFIC


An independent gem headlined by Kim Ah-song and Lee Lyn-ha, "Bori" explores the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


4. Director's Intention


Image from KCC/KOFIC


Han Sun-hwa and Lee Wan bring their talents to this film, which promises to offer a fresh perspective on storytelling.


5. Everglow


Image from KCC/KOFIC


With a cast that includes Ko Du-Shim, Ji Hyun-Woo, Yang Jung-Won, Jeon Hye-Jin, and Kim Joong-Ki, "Everglow" is sure to offer a rich and diverse viewing experience.


6. Gyeongju


Image from KCC/KOFIC


Park Hae-il and Shin Min-ah star in this film, which takes you to the picturesque city of Gyeongju, known for its rich history and stunning landscapes.


7. Jukdo Surfing Diary


Image from KCC/KOFIC


A story of adventure and camaraderie, this film stars Jeon Hye-bin, Oh Gwang-rok, Park Ho-san, and Jung Tae-woo.


With this diverse lineup, there's something for everyone—from music and love to history and adventure. Each film promises to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling and stellar performances.


The Spectacular Locations


What sets these films apart is not just their storytelling but also the breathtaking locations in which they were filmed. Picture yourself traveling through the stunning landscapes of Gangneung, Busan, Jeju, Gyeongju, Yangyang, Paju, and Sinan. These picturesque settings offer viewers a virtual tour of Korea, making you feel as though you're right there in the heart of these stunning locations. From coastal towns to historic cities, these films showcase the beauty and diversity of Korea's landscapes.


Supporting Tourism Initiatives


The Korean Film Festival isn't just about cinema; it's also a platform for promoting tourism and cultural exchange. It aligns perfectly with the "Visit Korea 2023-2024" tourism campaign led by the Korean government. By showcasing Korea's picturesque landscapes and rich culture through films to Filipino viewers, the festival plays a vital role in strengthening the ties between the Philippines and Korea. It's an opportunity for audiences to explore a different culture, fostering a deeper appreciation for Korea's heritage.


Event Logistics


The Korean Film Festival will be held at various locations, including Cinematheque Centre Davao and multiple SM Malls across the Philippines. What's even more exciting is that admission is entirely free, making it accessible to all movie enthusiasts. For those who want to plan their visit in advance, stay tuned to the Korean Cultural Center's (KCC) social media channels for updates on participating cinemas, screening schedules, and ticketing guidelines.


Pre-Festival Hype


Before the festival officially kicks off, movie aficionados can get a sneak peek into the world of Korean movie production through the "Meet the Mentor" series hosted by KCC. This special panel includes award-winning Filipino director Perci Intalan and Korean director-producers Park Eunkyung and Lee Yeonhwa. It's a unique opportunity to gain insights into the art of producing Korean movies and promises to be an inspiring experience for aspiring filmmakers and cinephiles alike. Don't miss out on this event, scheduled for September 21 at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde's Digital Screening Film Room.


The Korean Film Festival 2023 is a cultural extravaganza that promises to transport you to the heart of Korea through the magic of cinema. With a diverse lineup of films, breathtaking locations to showcase, and a mission to strengthen cultural ties and promote tourism, it's an event you won't want to miss. Mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in Korean cinema and culture. The festival is not just about movies; it's about creating connections and celebrating the beauty of storytelling and heritage.