7 Ways to Kickstart Your Career in Arts

Olivia Barredo
September 28, 2021

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Are artistic careers worth it? You’ve probably asked yourself this question because of a common misconception that artists are poorly paid, and that they have to work part-time jobs just to get by. But what we don’t realize is that there are tons of opportunities waiting for creative thinkers — those who study art, design, and even architecture.


It’s frustrating to know that some talented people spend most of their life in a career they do not find inspiring nor enjoyable. Truth is, it’s never too late to awaken the “artist” within you. Starting a career in arts needs hard work, lots of dedication, and planning. However, many people who want to pursue art as a career are clueless how and when to start.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably lost and don’t know how to kickstart your art career journey. So here are some helpful tips to start with!

  7 Ways to Kickstart Your Career in Arts   1. Find your art.  

There are many artistic careers you can choose from. To start your journey, you have to figure out the art you’re passionate about. Do you want to draw? Bake? Paint? Do you have passion for knitting, sculpting, painting, or singing? Once you figure this out, you can begin your art career journey! You don’t have to know the perfect art for you right away, though. It’s okay to try multiple art forms at once!


If you need motivation, write your goals down. This way, you’ll have a clearer idea on what you want to accomplish. Aside from motivation, writing down your goals helps you focus on activities that are important to achieve your dream. It also allows you to see your goals visually — making you feel more accountable. Basically, you are more likely to be productive if you can see a list of what you need to do, instead of just thinking about them!

  2. Develop your skills and creativity.  

Your passion is just the starting point toward having a career in arts. You also have to hone and develop your inner creativity and appreciation for arts. Embrace your passion and work hard to build your skills by practicing!


You can take courses to develop your craft. It’s important to be aware of the technical aspects of the art you want to learn. You may also attend workshops from schools or organizations in your area. This provides you with a foundation of information that you can use to build your knowledge and skills.

  Â 3. Start a portfolio.  

Start collating your work! Maximize the available digital resources by uploading your work online. Platforms like Behance, Wattpad, Instagram, and even TikTok are great ways to showcase your projects to potential clients.


However, you can’t avoid negative feedback from people online. The key is to focus on the constructive criticisms and ignore the unnecessary ones. Be with people who encourage you to be better and appreciate every piece of your artwork. Your art is beautiful!

  4. Find your voice.  

Finding your artistic voice can be a roller coaster ride. Be patient You’ll eventually find your voice after weeks (or years) of hard work, honing your technical skills, and a never-ending learning process. Finding your creative voice means figuring out more of your own style and technique you need for your career in arts. This is also a step where you discover yourself and who you really are as an artist.

  5. Engage.  

Making yourself known adds a huge role in the success of your art career. But for beginners, networking is one of the biggest challenges as an artist. Start by devoting time talking to people — tell them about your art and show off what you can do! Once you establish yourself in your community, you’ll have more chances of meeting potential clients.


You can also enter art contests that feature work similar to your own! Local art contests draw a crowd of buyers, art lovers, and co-artists. Joining art contests also lets you show off your work, and at the same time, gain helpful opinions to help you improve your art.


New tech and platforms mean massive connections for artists, So utilize these moments!


New tech and platforms mean massive connections for artists, So utilize these moments!

  6. Learn to handle business.  

Pursuing a career in arts also means treating it as business. You need to blend in with the current trends in the industry, build good relationships with your clients, and do constant networking!


With this, you’ll be needing to set up and establish your online presence. You can do this by creating a platform for selling your works online (like a website or your own social media page).


It is a demanding task — creating art while also running a business. This said, consider having a mentor for running an art business; or have someone who can handle the business side so you’ll have more time to focus on your art.

  7. Enjoy the ride (at your own pace)!  

Do not let the sparks fade, and do not let fear and doubts prevent you from becoming a successful artist. Yes, there will be ups and downs along the way, but never lose your spark. Many artists don’t live to see the greatness of their work because they gave up and were burnt out from the journey. Having struggles is normal. But don’t give up! Surely, to some, you’ve become an inspiration to continue their art!


Remember the first step? Go back to your list in every step of your career in arts journey. Keep reminding yourself of your goals and why you’re doing what you’re doing now.

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