A Different Kind of Cafe Hopping: Exploring 6 of the Best Internet Cafes in Metro Manila

Joanna Marie O. Santos
June 05, 2023

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The COVID-19 pandemic had taken the world by storm and affected businesses worldwide. Most businesses relied on a steady stream of customers purchasing their products and services, which all changed when restrictions from the pandemic were implemented. This resulted in a lot of businesses closing during the pandemic without the influx of customers.


Among the businesses that suffered through the pandemic were internet cafes, which really relied on customers going through those doors, and it was a common sight to see many of these cafes close down during the pandemic. However, dear readers, this was not the end of the world for these internet cafes, not all of them have gone extinct. Some have persevered throughout the pandemic while others were established way after the COVID-19 restrictions, so indulge yourself in some of the top internet cafes in Metro Manila!



Best Internet Cafes in Metro Manila




A great place to start, Mineski Infinity has always been some of the most reliable internet cafes in Southeast Asia and are always on a mission to bring gamers together under one roof for their competitive spirit in gaming. They have a network of branches in the Philippines and they have been on this mission to give gamers a social space to play games with friends and family.


They are also pretty affordable with their rates to the internet, with guests paying PHP 40 while members pay PHP 35. Visitors are also given the option of purchasing food from their promos to help gamers feel more at home in their seats. The place also gives off great gaming ambience with gamer chairs lining up the room and high end PCs atop those desks.





The Buzz Premium Internet Cafe is certainly one of the internet cafes that deliver on their premium title. Aiming to give gamers some of the best online experiences while they are in the cafe, their internet cafe services can definitely feel premium with their up-to-date gaming systems and comfortable hardware like headphones. Additionally, they are also accessible to Korean gamers, with keypads that have either Korean or Roman alphabet, respectively. This place also serves Korean cuisine and some great coffee for their patrons. The place is affordable, having rates as low as PHP 30 per hour, which really allows their customers to experience the sheer amount of value when they go through those doors.





The K Premium Luxury Internet Cafe is one of the latest in the avant-garde internet cafe experiences–this is essentially some of the highest quality internet cafes in Taguig. The internet cafe services are on the next level with 24/7 service, and quality food that gets brought to you as you play or work in their top-of-the-line computers. The atmosphere is also incredibly top notch, highlighting all the hallmarks of a gaming setup from high-quality hardware to the RGB lighting that can be found all over the place. The hourly rates are at PHP 150 per hour, which is definitely hefty, but considering that the experience is unlike so many others, it will certainly not disappoint.




The High Grounds Cafe is a hybrid of an internet cafe, a restaurant and a coffee shop rolled into a one stop shop for coffee lovers and gamers alike. The High Grounds Cafe works as a sort of a chill haven for families and friends where they can interact online and bond with good company and great food. Some of the internet cafe services that like using the Wi-Fi come at the cost of PHP 150 by purchasing some of their food items, which will buy you two hours. Of course, if you want to continue your hours, you could always talk to the staff about increasing your hours.


The cafe is specked out with around 100 units of top-of-the-line Predator computers with internet speed going around to 200mbps, which is great for gamers who are looking for a fast internet speed and a calming atmosphere. The place elevates the experience by a lot with their warm colors,great lighting, and comfortable seats.





Genius Grounds Internet Cafe, and Gaming Lounge is an internet cafe that screams reliability. This is the type of place you can always count on when you want to get your game on at an excellent rate. This is a cafe that excels in more than just gaming as it also even offers print, scan, and copy services if you need that extra boost to be more productive in your work. The hourly rates are at PHP 30 while their 2 + 1 Promo is also a very popular choice for patrons at PHP 60. The gaming lounge is home to many gamers who are looking to spend some time and play online games with their pals.

There are many internet cafes that can be found all over the country, but it goes without saying that the experience of these cafes is something to write home about. These places work as some of the finest in the top internet cafes that highlight how gamers and coffee lovers are heard all the same, with a passionate staff that ensure the best internet cafe experience out there!