A Guide to Finding the PERFECT Gift for Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Joanna Marie O. Santos
February 08, 2023

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Yes, we can feel it, V-day is here!


The holiday for love, affection, romance, and probably figuring out what Valentine’s gift to get your significant other. Though it’s frustrating sometimes, we just love the pressure of finding the best Valentine’s gift for them to really show them how much we love them. Whether they have a sweet tooth, an adventure enthusiast, or a passion for stay-at-home activities, we got you! If you are here to gain some Valentine’s gift ideas, fear not, my Cupid-struck friend because we are here to help you (Just promise us to do your part in being patient and creative in this time of gift for-love hunting) and we’ll do our part on guiding you in finding the perfect present for your partner as easy as 1-4-3. So get ready to channel your inner Cupid as we guide you in the best Valentine’s Day gift for your love. 


Gift Buying 101: What Should You Consider When Buying a Valentine’s Day Gift?


The first thing you are going to consider is the needs and wants (I mean, we always want this thing to be practical, of course). However, make sure to prioritize and make an effort for the best gift you are getting them. Also, it is a plus point if you completely know your partner and the things she might like. Remember to consider the gift to be useful, practical, not predictable, and not worth remembering. Make sure to always put your heart into whatever you give them, for it will always add value to your relationship. These are some tips for picking the best Valentine’s gift: 


Make a List of Your Partner’s Interests


Receiving a gift that you enjoy is a wholesome feeling. That’s a fact. We are the primary person who knows our partners so well, so contemplating possible Valentine’s gifts will be easy. It is always important to take note of everything you think of giving them. It is not necessary to buy all things on the list but, this will be a better way to sort the things from needs to needs-therefore-wants. In this way, you can have a better overall perspective on all the things you should consider or not. 


Speak to their Friends and Families


The secret to being a gift-giving genius is to not settle for simple and less. Calling for help is important. Reach out to their immediate family and inner circle, of course. In addition, they could suggest unique Valentine’s gift ideas since you’ll also avoid giving them something that they already have or they might tell you what your special someone has been eyeing lately. 



Take Budget Into Consideration


As I have said earlier, be practical. Of course, it’s a season of love and you might think of giving the best Valentine’s gift since it’s a once-in-a-year celebration. However, always be mindful of your budget. And in all honestly, the size and the price of the gift do not equate to the size of your love and appreciation for that person. Remember to give them the practical gift that embodies their value and worth. Even if you give an on-the-budget gift, they will surely appreciate it no matter what (Plus you don’t have to worry about the rent and bills next month). 


Don’t be Predictable


Since we are talking about the uniqueness we are trying to go for, make sure to avoid giving them the same concepts you have been giving them for the past holidays. We do not want to be accused of someone who is running out of creativity, right? Make sure always to aim to give the best Valentine’s day gift that they will surely remember for years. Not only you will surprise them, but also they will be very grateful for your effort in giving different and unexpected Valentine’s day gifts. 


Plan Well


Of course, most importantly, put an effort into it. Propper planning just shows that you put thought and effort into the gift, which will make it more special and worth remembering. A gift is not necessarily a material thing. It could also be a ticket to something, whether on fun amusement rides, plane tickets, adventure, or cinema tickets. You might not give them the best jewelry, but at least you have got to experience adventure with them. That is more memorable. 



Valentine’s Day Fails: What You SHOULDN’T Be Doing 


While the intention is romantic, to be honest, the things we look forward to do not always go as planned and there may be a chance that Valentine’s Day turned out to be horrible when you’re not ready for circumstances that could happen. (I mean, we do not want ruined V-day, right?). Don’t be that person who shows up with the "I-did-not-ask-for-this gift", forgets the restaurant reservation, or worse—doesn’t show up at all. Always keep in mind that this isn’t just about the best Valentine’s gift for your partner but the effort and significant thought you put through on this special day. So, do yourself (and your lover) a favor and avoid these Valentine’s Day fails. 


Don’t Gift Your Partner Lingerie When They DIDN’T Ask for It


This season is about love, not the other thing. You don’t want your partner to overthink that you are just up on ‘that’ thing. Just don’t. Even if you are together for a long time now, things like that still need consent, unless you’re sure they’ll love it. Always make sure to check in and make sure to give them the best Valentine’s day gift they will surely love. 


Don’t Overspend


You do not want to give them so much and then hurt them after. Also, money can’t buy love, that’s for sure. Overspending on gifts can lead to a gift-guilt and financial regret. So, instead of crashing your bank account, why not put a little extra effort and creativity into your gifts—a handwritten letter, a memory box, or an aromatic candle that smells exactly like them? In that way, your Valentine’s gift will come straight from the heart and at the same time won't put your wallet in a critical condition. I mean, their smile and hug could be worth more than all the money in the world, right? 



Don’t be Unrealistic


Setting the unrealistic expectation for the perfect Valentine’s evening date could put a lot of pressure on your partner and you. Do not compromise your usual routine just to squeeze in all your plans and at what costs? Disappointment and stress. Focus on what truly matters in this day: Quality time and expressing love and affection in your authentic way. In all honesty, a home-cooked meal that you worked and prepared together while having a good conversation could be just as romantic as a fancy dinner at a high-end restaurant that is way out of your lifestyle. Who knows, you might even have more fun and make sweeter memories that way. 


Don’t Get Generic Items


When you consider generic gifts, it's just a fancy way of saying, “I do not put zero amount of effort in this” or “I got you something because I feel like I had to since it's Valentine’s, so yeah”. What a terrible feeling, right? And you do not want your partners to feel like it is an obligation or a chore to you. However, when you give something special or something personalized, it shows that you took time to think of the things they would truly love and appreciate. A ‘thank you’ is so simple, why not level up it into a face lighting up with joy and smiles? 


Don’t Forget the ACTUAL Date


Pay attention to the time and count the days of D-day. Men are normally forgetful however, you can’t just get away, especially when you do not care about it at all. Be ready. You also don’t want to miss the grooming preparation for yourself since of course, your presence is worth a thousand gifts to them. Just show up (with proper attire, grooming, and smell). 


Foolproof Gift-Giving for Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas to Consider


Giving gifts is a big part of all the holidays and celebrations. And now that it is Cupid’s time of the year again, we are sure you are here to pick up some Valentine’s gift ideas for your special someone. So whether you are a couple, a shy secret lover, or a retiring Romeo and Juliet from their love story, we got some Valentine’s gifts you might want to consider. These gifts are unique, personalized, and creative that will surely make your special someone feel loved and appreciated. So, grab your paper and pen and jot down these Valentine’s day gift ideas. 


Name A Star Package


Image from Name a Star Philippines


Of all the gifts you can get, this might be one of the unique and remarkable ones. A star package is a star name registration package wherein you can name any binary star, constellation, or visible star after yours. It’s giving A Walk To Remember feels minus the end part though. 


Custom Valentine’s Day Photo Book


Image from Snapfish


If your partner is a sentimental type of person, you might want to consider Photo Book as Valentine’s gift. In this way, the compilation of the photos will be reminded them of all their moments together physically since they can just open it whenever they want to. You could add some thoughtful messages on each page and also do not forget the date (Mark safe in any trouble when they ask you when did that special date happens). 


Canvas Prints


Image from Picture City


This one is like memory preservation, but in a fancy way. Canvas prints are just as cozy and warm as the photo book minus the pages and messages. It could be hung as a frame, or a piece on your gallery wall for a more memory lane in your home. It also showcases the talents of our underrated artists, which bring a favorite memory into a magical display at home. 


Monstera Deliciosa


Imag from MyDomaine


You can never go wrong with plants as Valentine’s gift. I mean, why bother spending to pick flowers when you can get them a plant that will last longer? Plus, it is more efficient and environmentally friendly, right? Plants are normally inexpensive and low maintenance. Monstera Deliciosa could bring luck and positivity to all who grow it. 


Stir It Up Turntable


Image from Livingetc


There is no better gift than something that will give your partner a relaxing tune and melody. Your melomaniac partner will surely love this House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable Vinyl player. This one’s giving Before Sunrise feels. A very aesthetic and perfect thing to complete your cozy day-in-a-life happenings. 


To sum it all up, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone does not have to be rocket science or tricky. Just always remember to keep it lowkey, creative, and thoughtful with a little of quirky (to show your personality on it). Whether it's cheap, extravagant, or silly, a perfect one would appreciate and love the best Valentine’s gift as long as you put in the effort that is straight from the heart.


So, what are you waiting for? Go think outside of the box of chocolates and channel your inner cupid, as this day is special.