Angono Day Tour: 5 Tourist Spots That You Can Visit in a Day

Feliz Bueno
November 28, 2022

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The works of Angono artists are diverse in both style and subject matter, ranging from realism to expressionism to abstraction, from the traditional to the post-modern, despite their strong sense of traditionalism. So, Angono is undoubtedly one of the spots to go if one is looking to buy artwork.


Angono, the Philippines’ Art Capital


The CALABARZON region's Rizal province is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway, especially for visitors from Manila. You may quickly travel the province, visiting every location, and taking in its beauties. The top and some lesser-known wonders of the province of Rizal are listed below.


5 Tourist Spots in Angono To Visit for a Day Tour


Balaw-Balaw Folk Food & Folk Art Specialty Restaurant


Image from The Island Explorer


Balaw Balaw, which is well renowned for providing unique foods, also houses the works of the Vocalan Family. Mr. Perdigon and Mrs. Luzvimin Vocalan opened Balaw Balaw in October 1982 with the intention of showcasing Filipino culture and tradition in Angono. A restaurant and an art gallery were the perfect method for Mr. Perdigon to merge his two passions since he comes from a family of cooks. 


Carlos Botong Francisco Second Gallery


Image from Pinoy Travelogue


None other than Carlos "Botong" Francisco, the National Artist for Visual Arts, is credited with helping to popularize Angono. In addition to painting, he also wrote poetry, screenplays, and designed costumes. Blood Compact, First Mass at Limasawa, and The Martyrdom of Rizal are some of his most well-known murals. 


Jala-Jala Sunflower Farm


Image from SunFlora Farm


Not only do the Cordillera Mountains in our country have sunflower farms, but Rizal also has a sunflower farm where you may take pictures and take in the sights of the dancing sunflowers. You can buy seeds here if you wish to grow plants indoors.


Boso Boso Church


Image from The Backpack Adventures


It is renowned as the country's top tourist destination and home to the Nuestra Senora de La Annunciata Parish. It was constructed in the 16th century and overcame numerous obstacles, including fire and war, but in the present year, renovations were made while maintaining the original architecture.


Casa Santa Museum


Image from SPOT


The Christmas season is the ideal time to visit the Casa Santa Museum because it displays hundreds of Santa Claus themes and figurines from other nations. You must make a reservation on their website before visiting the amazing location.


You can enjoy wonderful tourist attractions for your trip without leaving the nation! All you need to do is visit the province of Rizal to have the experiences you want! Everything is here, from the countryside to the museums carrying the long history of the nation. Come to Rizal and enjoy the local attractions where you can capture pictures to publish on Instagram.