Gusto Mo Ba Mag-Abroad?: 10 In-Demand Professions Overseas

Joanna Marie O. Santos
August 01, 2023

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Many Filipinos choose to go abroad for a shot at a brighter future. There are more and better job opportunities in other countries that provide higher salaries which they can’t earn here. Due to high unemployment and inflation rates in the Philippines, our airports bid farewell to millions of Filipinos flying abroad every year, and reunite them with their families while they bring home with them the fruit of their hard work. 


In fact, in the first four months of this year alone, there have been around 800,000 OFWs deployed abroad, according to the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). Now that we’re bouncing back from the pandemic, it’s being expected that the number will exceed the previous years. Filipinos choose to work abroad for various reasons, such as better career opportunities and higher salary and benefits.


The Demand for OFWs


Filipinos are known for being hardworking and resilient, and these are the outstanding traits that foreign employers favor and praise OFWs for. There is a high number of skilled and professional OFWs in various countries, mostly in the Middle East. Japan employers are also seeking to hire more skilled Filipino workers this year, as reported by DMV. 


Domestic workers, engineers, laborers, and healthcare professionals are in constant demand abroad. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are among the top countries with the most foreign job opportunities. If you, like many others, wish to seek employment outside the country for better opportunities, here are 10 in-demand professions overseas.  


10 In-Demand Professions Overseas


The most in-demand jobs overseas are in the sectors of healthcare, construction, and hotel and restaurant management in countries like Saudi Arabia and Croatia. Meanwhile, UAE and Canada seek medical professionals. There are several other industries in different parts of the world that are open to foreign workers. 


1. Healthcare


Image from World Health Organization


The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a shortage of staff in healthcare all over the world. Many of our healthcare professionals choose to work abroad for better compensation. Filipino healthcare workers overseas are commended for their heroism and competence. Several Middle East countries are looking for doctors, nurses, caregivers, and medical assistants, and the pay ranges from P50,000-P100,000. There are also plenty of healthcare-related opportunities in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Japan with good salaries. 


2. General work


Image from Self-Help for The Elderly 

Housekeepers and drivers are just as important in our society. Particularly, Middle East countries are in demand of them. Many OFWs take these roles abroad due to a lack of employment here so they can earn higher wages despite the physical labor and longer working hours. 


3. Engineer


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International employment can be an excellent career opportunity and work experience for engineers. The demand for engineering work abroad includes mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical, and computer. You can earn at least P50,000 every month, depending on your skills and experience. In New Zealand, you can find tons of openings for different engineering fields. 


4. IT professionals


Image from NAAAP Atlanta


Data shows that the demand for IT professionals is only growing higher every year due to the ever-evolving world of technology. The IT industry all over the world is in need of experts in this field, and many companies are open to skilled Filipino programmers looking for a job.  


5. Construction


Image from DreamsTime


Construction and labor work opportunities are plenty overseas. One benefit includes higher salaries. If you have skills in construction, welding, plumbing, machine operating, etc., you can look for employment in the Middle East, as well as in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and New Zealand. 


6. Hospitality


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The hospitality-service industry is always looking for waiters, bartenders, front desk or concierge staff, and other related jobs in several countries. If you have relevant job background and experience, many opportunities await you in first-world nations, such as Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, among others. 


7. Entertainer


Image from The New York Times


Filipinos are also widely recognized for their world-renowned talents in singing and dancing. If you want a career in the entertainment industry abroad, there are many international companies looking for singers, dancers, and bands to perform in hotels, restaurants, and clubs. 


8. Factory/Manufacturing worker


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Foreign manufacturing companies are in need of more workers. These factories and firms mostly include those in the electronics, garments, and automotive industries that need relevant skills in their workforce. Those who meet the qualifications in this field can seek employment in neighboring Asian nations like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.


9. Administrative work


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An administrative job includes clerks and office staff and requires low-entry qualifications. As long as you’re proficient in any given language and have the necessary skills, you can start a career in administration. OFWs are commonly hired for such positions by employers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. In New Zealand, you can earn around NZD $35,000—60,000 per year for your administrative job. 


10. Educators


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Some Filipino teachers complain about the low compensation they get here, so they try for a job abroad in order to earn more. Because of our proficient English-speaking skills, Filipino educators are in demand in countries like Japan, China, and Indonesia. 


The Hard Work and Sacrifices of OFWs


Working abroad might seem like a dream: a higher salary and a chance to see a foreign country. However, it is not without struggles and sacrifices. Filipinos are skilled and talented in many fields; we are also intelligent and resilient. In some unfortunate cases, these qualities end up getting exploited. There are a lot of tragic stories about the abuse OFWs face from their foreign employers. 


Our OFWs are called ‘modern-day heroes’ for a reason. If you wish to achieve your dreams and seek a better life overseas, you should be prepared to be homesick when you’re miles away from your friends and family. 


Although sometimes the sacrifices you have to make might seem daunting, there are tons of inspiring OFW success stories that tell of their hard work that eventually gave them the house of their dreams and enough savings to send their kids to college. Many countries have their doors open for Filipinos seeking better career opportunities. In the end, it’s a gamble that you have to be willing to take.