HEY BESTIE!: 5 Tarot Content Creators to Follow

Joanna Marie O. Santos
May 22, 2023

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The world of tarot card reading and crystal-collecting has steadily been on the rise, and for good reason! In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, seeking guidance and introspection from the age-old and wildly interesting method of tarot cards has given respite and consolation to many who seek and need the help. For those fascinated by the art of tarot, the realm of online content creation has become a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and spiritual exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot enthusiast looking to find others in the field or someone just beginning to dip their toes into this mystical world, finding the right content creator to follow can be a transformative experience!





Aly Dimaculangan, a communication research student from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, is an eclectic and tarot card content creator with a Roman Catholic background. She mainly uses tarot cards to help her find guidance when she finds herself in sticky situations, and has since then shared her knowledge in understanding the mystical tarot decks via TikTok @theblessedbhie and Instagram @illuminaly, and offering tarot-reading services on her website. 


In her feature with Esquire, she shared that tarot was where she found solace during trying times, and considering that she had always been drawn to spiritual practices, it was no surprise that her gravitation towards tarot reading grew. Throughout her journey, she discovered that she was a third-generation tarot card reader–a fortuitous discovery, as this certainly helped pursue her love for tarot reading even further. 





With the aim of bringing magic to everyone, Chinggay Labrador from Practical Magic approaches the mysticism of tarot card reading in what she calls a “straightforward, clear-cut, modern way.”, in order to help everyone find the answers we seek in a very fast-paced and modern world. With her own line of tarot and oracle decks, books, workshops, and podcasts, she makes use of the age-old lessons and signs from the tarot and applies them to a lifestyle only fitting for modernity. 


A writer by trade, Chinggay does her readings via email, sending detailed PDFs to her clients in the hopes to provide comfort and bring about self-exploration that allow her clients to reflect on themselves and their actions and become the best version of themselves. 





A champion of making use of the tarot and other forms of mysticism to bring about personal healing, Chris Dumasis’ widely popular Instagram showcases just exactly her processes and her style. Making use of only Instagram to get her messages across, she relies heavily on her tarot cards to relay and communicate what the universe wishes to espouse to the world. Her knowledge ranges from tarot cards to reiki, and is all about healing those who are in need.


While having quite a large following on instagram, Chris also does personal readings face to face in her home in Siargao, as well as online tarot readings that range from the basic three-question reading to more complex tarot services like dream interpretation. Additionally, she also performs healing rituals of various forms to fit your needs, should you seek Angelic healing, a spiritual cleansing, or simply require a protection ritual performed.





Resident astrologer and tarot reader Rhiannon Halley has established herself as such after the exponential exposure she’s had to the art of tarot reading. Having written several articles on horoscopes and the signs, Rhiannon continues to share her knowledge of the stars on her Instagram and her podcast entitled “Big Magic”, available on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube.  


Aside from confidently sharing her expertise, she also holds 30 minute and 60 minute personal sessions online, making use of both Atrology and Tarot to connect you, in her own words “to your own subconscious intuition and seek out empowered answers for actions to take”, especially during times of crises. Additionally, she also offers coaching services to those who seek to learn the ways of the Astrologer and the Tarot card reader, catering to the aligned woman that recognizes the power they hold within themselves.





Having been birthed in a family that honors and respects the practices of the occult, Lady Luschka from Alunsunnie Divinations has been a lifelong student of the mystic arts, and has divulged in many forms of divination. Alunsunnie has become a magickal safe space meant for herself and her friends, mainly making use of the tarot as a tool. Her philosophy? The tarot cards are meant to help better understand ourselves, allowing us to discover more aspects of our beings and further realize our capabilities.


In addition to all the informative posts on her Instagram page and her general readings on her TikTok, Lady Luschka also offers divination services and tarot reading sessions held mostly via Twitter or Instagram DMs. More than just utilizing the signs from the cards, her readings are reinforced with the assistance of her crystals, oracle decks, and other tools to ensure that your reading remains accurate and will provide you with the necessary enlightenment you need. Alternatively, should text not be your preferred mode of receiving your readings, voice recordings for a more immersive experience are also an available option.



Whether you’re seeking practical advice on spreads and interpretations, a deeper understanding of the symbolism behind the cards, or simply a sense of community with like-minded individuals, the tarot content creators across the country are certainly individuals who have dedicated themselves into sharing the transformative power of tarot with others.