Legendary Tracks by Girls' Generation: 10 Iconic Songs for Your Playlist

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July 26, 2023

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Arguably, one of the girl groups that put Kpop on the map is Girls' Generation; originally debuted with nine (9) members in 2007, this powerhouse group quickly made rounds not just in South Korea but in the entire world.


Their career spanned into more than a decade, earning numerous accolades and even the honorific nickname "The Nation's Girl Group" in South Korea. Among their numerous milestones, they were also named the "Top K-pop Girl Group of the Past Decade" by Billboard in 2017. Girls' Genaration was also the first Asian girl group to have five music videos with over 100 million Youtube views.


Recently, Rolling Stones also honored Girls' Generation by naming their song "Gee" as the greatest song in Kpop history in their 100 Greatest Songs in the History of Korean Pop Music. 


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In their article, Rolling Stone explained that this list was crafted by Michelle Hyun Kim, one of their contributors, and a panel of music journalists and critics - both in the United States and South Korea. It can be assured that there was at all when it came to choosing songs because the magazine stated that beyond a ballot vote, the judging panel alsoengaged in a series of debates before they came to their final list of the songs that defined Kpop. 


Whether you love them or hate them, it is undeniable that Girls' Generation was one of the groups that paved the way for Kpop to be known across the globe. It was because of their indelible contribution, and that of the other groups in their generation, that the groups that we all know and love today can be known. 


But apart from Gee, Girls' Generation has released a plethora of songs in their career that can also be considered iconic.


In this article, we'll take a look at the Girls' Generation songs that might not have considered as the greatest song in Kpop history but are iconic nonetheless.


10 Iconic Girls' Generation Songs to Add to Your Playlist


Gee (Rolling Stones' Greatest Kpop Song in History)



Gee is an electrifying and iconic song by Girls' Generation, a South Korean girl group that took the K-Pop world by storm. Released in 2009, the track quickly became a massive hit and a turning point in the group's career. Its infectious melody, catchy chorus, and vibrant energy captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Gee also marked the emergence of Girls' Generation as one of the leading forces in the K-Pop industry, solidifying their status as a trailblazing girl group. The song's memorable music video, featuring the members in colorful outfits and showcasing their synchronized dance moves, further propelled their popularity. Even years after its release, Gee remains a timeless anthem and a symbol of Girls' Generation's enduring impact on the global music scene.


Into the New World 



Into the New World holds a special place in the hearts of Girls' Generation fans as the debut single that introduced the group to the world in 2007. The song not only marked the beginning of their journey as a prominent K-Pop act but also became a symbol of hope and empowerment. With its uplifting and encouraging lyrics, Into the New World inspires listeners to overcome challenges and embrace change with determination and optimism. The track's melodious blend of pop and rock elements, coupled with the girls' powerful vocals, struck a chord with audiences and showcased their potential as a versatile and talented group. As the song that launched Girls' Generation into the spotlight, Into the New World remains an everlasting anthem that reflects the group's resilience and evolution throughout their successful career.


The Boys 



The Boys is a dynamic and fierce track by Girls' Generation that exemplifies the group's evolution and versatility as artists. Released in 2011, this song marked a significant departure from their earlier cute and bubbly concepts, showcasing a more mature and powerful image. With its strong beat, striking visuals, and commanding choreography, The Boys captured the attention of audiences worldwide. Sung in both Korean and English, the song further expanded Girls' Generation's global reach, solidifying their position as one of K-Pop's leading acts. The Boys also received acclaim for its empowering message, urging listeners to break free from societal expectations and embrace their individuality. As a defining hit in Girls' Generation's discography, this anthem demonstrates their ability to continually reinvent themselves while retaining their signature charisma and talent, making it a timeless favorite among fans and a significant milestone in their illustrious career.





Genie is a captivating and alluring song by Girls' Generation, released in 2009 as part of their second Korean studio album. The track's enchanting melody and catchy hooks draw listeners in, creating an irresistible and magical experience. The song's empowering lyrics convey a message of self-confidence and embracing one's unique qualities, encouraging listeners to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. The music video, featuring the members as mystical genies, further adds to the song's charm and has become an iconic visual representation of the group. With their flawless vocals and impeccable synchronization, Girls' Generation's performance of Genie on stage is a testament to their talent and professionalism. As one of the group's most recognizable and beloved songs, Genie has left a lasting impact on fans and continues to be a timeless gem in Girls' Generation's extensive discography.


Mr. Taxi



Mr. Taxi is a sassy and upbeat song by Girls' Generation, released in 2011 as part of their Japanese discography. The track's infectious electro-pop sound and catchy chorus make it an instant dance floor hit. Sung primarily in Japanese, Mr. Taxi demonstrated the group's linguistic prowess and their ability to captivate international audiences beyond their Korean fan base. The song's playful and flirtatious lyrics, along with the girls' charismatic performances, added to its appeal and contributed to its success on various music charts. Moreover, the accompanying music video showcased the members' glamorous and stylish personas as they transformed into chic and confident taxi drivers. Mr. Taxi not only solidified Girls' Generation's position as one of the top K-Pop acts in Japan but also became a fan-favorite and a must-have addition to any Girls' Generation playlist, showcasing the group's global appeal and musical prowess.


I Got A Boy



I Got A Boy is a genre-blending and experimental song by Girls' Generation, released in 2013 as the lead single of their fourth Korean studio album. This dynamic track is an amalgamation of various musical styles, seamlessly transitioning between pop, R&B, and electronic dance beats. The song's unpredictable structure and ever-changing rhythms showcase the group's willingness to push boundaries and explore new artistic directions. I Got A Boy also features an eclectic mix of vocal delivery, highlighting each member's unique talents and creating a dynamic and harmonious sound. The music video's vibrant visuals and fashion-forward aesthetics further complement the song's bold and innovative approach. As a testament to their growth as artists, I Got A Boy received critical acclaim and commercial success, solidifying Girls' Generation's position as a trailblazing force in the K-Pop industry. This groundbreaking track remains a fan-favorite, celebrated for its creativity, versatility, and the group's ability to continually reinvent themselves.


Forever 1 



Described as a pop dance genre track with an invigorating melody and dynamic progression, Forever 1 conveys a message of expressing eternal love to those who have been constant and supportive. On May 17, 2022, SM Entertainment made a much-anticipated announcement, revealing that Girls' Generation would be making a full-group comeback in August, commemorating their 15th debut anniversary. This upcoming comeback marks the group's return after a hiatus of 5 years since the release of "Holiday Night." Further excitement ensued when, on July 4, member Sooyoung disclosed that the group was in the final stages of preparing for their seventh studio album, providing insights into the format of their highly-awaited comeback. Building up anticipation, a captivating moving teaser was shared across Girls' Generation's social media platforms on July 24, unveiling the album's title and its imminent release date.





Oh! is a delightful and infectious song by Girls' Generation, released in 2010 as part of their second studio album. This bubbly and upbeat track quickly became a massive hit, captivating listeners with its catchy chorus and cheerful melody. The song's lyrics convey a playful confession of love, reflecting the excitement and nervousness of young romance. The accompanying music video showcases the members' vibrant personalities and showcases them in various cute and chic outfits, adding to the song's charm. Oh! solidified Girls' Generation's status as one of K-Pop's leading girl groups, further contributing to their international popularity. As a fan-favorite and a quintessential representation of the group's signature sound, Oh! remains an enduring anthem in Girls' Generation's illustrious discography.


Catch Me If You Can



Catch Me If You Can is a dynamic and edgy song by Girls' Generation, released in 2015 as a single. Breaking away from their usual pop sound, this track ventures into the realms of electronic and hip-hop influences, showcasing the group's versatility and willingness to experiment with different genres. The powerful beats and commanding vocals add to the song's intensity, making it a perfect anthem for confidence and empowerment. Catch Me If You Can also marked the group's transition to becoming an eight-member ensemble after Jessica's departure, and they embraced the change with a bold and captivating performance. The song's music video features striking visuals and displays the members' fierce dance moves, further elevating its impact and highlighting their prowess as performers. As a refreshing departure from their previous releases, Catch Me If You Can demonstrated Girls' Generation's ability to evolve while retaining their distinctive flair, solidifying their status as one of K-Pop's most influential and enduring acts.


Run Devil Run



Run Devil Run is a powerful and captivating song by Girls' Generation, released in 2010 as part of their repackaged album. Originally recorded by the American pop-rock band Kesha, Girls' Generation put their own twist on the track, infusing it with their signature K-Pop flair. The song's lyrics tell a compelling story of empowerment and resilience, urging the listener to break free from a toxic relationship and take control of their life. The music video features the members in a darker and more alluring concept, showcasing their transformation into confident and assertive individuals. Run Devil Run resonated with fans and critics alike, not only for its catchy melody and catchy hooks but also for the group's strong vocal delivery and captivating performances. This bold reinvention solidified Girls' Generation's ability to tackle diverse genres and reaffirmed their position as one of the leading girl groups in the K-Pop industry.


Celebrating Girls' Generation's Greatest Hits


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Girls' Generation has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of K-Pop and global music. With their exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and innovative approach to their craft, the group has achieved remarkable success throughout their career. From their debut with "Into the New World" to their iconic hits like "Gee," "The Boys," and "Run Devil Run," Girls' Generation has continuously evolved, showcasing their versatility and adaptability. Their infectious melodies, empowering lyrics, and captivating performances have resonated with millions of fans worldwide, earning them a well-deserved reputation as one of the most influential and beloved girl groups in history.


Beyond their music, Girls' Generation's impact extends to various fields, from fashion and beauty to philanthropy and social causes. Their achievements, both as a group and as individual members, have inspired countless people and paved the way for future generations of K-Pop artists. With each new release and milestone, the group's legacy continues to grow, and their influence remains an enduring force in the ever-evolving landscape of K-Pop.


As we celebrate their accomplishments and eagerly anticipate their future endeavors, one thing is clear – Girls' Generation's journey is far from over. They will forever be remembered as a group that redefined the boundaries of girl groups in the industry and left an unforgettable legacy that will resonate for generations to come. Girls' Generation will forever be a shining example of the power of music, unity, and the unwavering support of dedicated fans, who have been by their side through every step of this extraordinary journey.