PH Top Picks 2022 Round-Up: Top 10 Activities and Discoveries of 2022

Joanna Marie O. Santos
December 27, 2022

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Borders are reopening. Restrictions are lifting. And the best way to leave all the horrors of the pandemic is to go out—have fun. Nearly three years ago, we were locked up and advised to stay at home, and from then on, we desperately longed for the days of “normal” (when we can finally go out again).  However, many of us never realize that the time we all have been waiting for has come, and it is just gradually starting. 


We have done so much during the pandemic. Looking back, it felt odd to start the day thinking of another TikTok trend to try. From being a plant connoisseur to being a home baker or stay-home health freak trying out Chloe Ting’s 30-day whatever-part-of-the-body challenges—but, who cares, right?—besides, a 3-minute continuous stirring to get the perfect dalgona consistency is an exercise on its own. Another never forgetti moment was newfound habits like gaming or cooking, discovering outer space, and even quick-running errands with Quarantine Pass. Also, we will always remember our late loved ones, workers who lost their job, and people who went through so much. I am proud you made it through here! 


2022 Wrapped: Top 5 Activities of the Year


It's time to bid farewell to all these eras of ours because, to be honest, you need to reward yourself for all your breakthroughs during this pandemic. Now, happily, we live in a world where vaccines have allowed things to return to some semblance of normality. We all missed that. New hangouts, new places to visit, discoveries (I can go on). Here are the 5 finest new activities and discoveries this 2022. From up-new museums to mega bands, theater performances, and art exhibitions, out-of-this-world discoveries that you won't want to miss. 


Here’s 2022 wrapped up for of Top 5 Activities this year! 




One of the biggest trends of the 1980s and 1990s was roller skating. And recently, it has gained popularity in the Philippines. There is no denying that the pandemic had a significant impact on the popularity of roller skates. The emergence of roller-skating culture in the Philippines was finally sparked by a combination of Tiktok roller skating dance trends, the closure of many sporting venues, including basketball, figure skating, and bowling, and the rise of wheels like bikes and skates as personal mobility devices (PMDs).


Image from SPOT


Visit Playland Fisher Mall in Quezon City if you're interested in trying it out but the equipment seems to be too pricey.  The place is Roller Disco and is offering inexpensive rentals of roller skates and safety equipment, as well as fun disco lighting and music for both novice and expert roller skaters. Roller skating at Roller Disco costs P130 for 30 minutes and P200 for an hour. Skating for an unlimited time costs P350, allowing you to glide and dance around as much as you like. These prices include a pair of skates and protective gear. To complete the 1970s aesthetic, they have a variety of pastel-colored skates. You may enjoy the venue's disco mirrorball lighting and energetic dancing music whether you're a beginner or a pro. Walk-ins are allowed at Playland Fisher Mall’s Roller Disco. However, you must be fully vaccinated to get in. 


Museum Hopping 


Museums aren’t just a place for artsy and aesthetic. It could also help you to have peace and fulfillment with various pieces inside. Either way, you still have the right to enjoy the museums as much as you want to. There are many museums in the metro that you can visit for inspiration or history. Here are the places you can go if you are planning to do a Museum hopping:




Virtual Streaming (Vtubers) 


The term VTuber stands for virtual YouTuber. Instead of displaying their faces in their movies, VTubers use computer-generated avatars. Typically, they choose anonymity, masking their true identity behind an avatar. Anyone has the opportunity to develop an online platform and following without ever having to expose who they are thanks to this nameless, anonymous approach to video output. You will find them telling stories, live streaming, playing video games, doing online challenges, etc., just like a typical YouTuber. 

Image from Uki Violeta

The popularity of virtual YouTubers is also increased by the fact that many anime fans share hobbies with VTubers, such as gaming and Japanese music. These avatars blur the line between the virtual and physical worlds, enabling VTubers to develop original and creative content.


Return of Restaurant Hopping and Food Tripping


Due to lighter restrictions, restaurants and various food businesses have opened. New emerging food places have emerged and places to visit for food hopping these days. From Filipino level-up food to famous cuisines from different countries. Many love the real food from restaurants and also the customer service experience. Anyway, without further ado, here are the famous restaurants that you should try. 

Din Tai Fung 


Image from TripAdvisor

Metro Manila has been famous for its great Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants. Din Tai Fung was among the first Michelin-starred restaurants to open in the Philippines and provided great Taiwanese specialties to Filipinos. Din Tai Fung or known mostly as DTF, has famous reviews in TikTok and is famous for its best-seller, xiao long bao, or XLB which comes in different flavors. Other cuisines from DTF are salter egg yolk prawns, crispy beef strips, and shrimp and pork wonton with house-special spicy sauce. Din Tai Fung branches are located at SM MOA, BGC, SM Megamall, Greenbelt, and Power Plant Mall. 


Yabu: House of Katsu 


If you want a different experience from grinding a bowl of sesame seeds and pouring special sauce in, you should try Yabu. serve premium Japanese Katsu to Filipino diners. Yabu still leads the group despite all the Katsu hype and new restaurants popping up left and right. You may simply walk into any of their locations and be met by a line outside the door. Yabu claims that after you break through the crust, the katsu in their katsu meals is tender and melt-in-your-mouth. Each of Yabu's katsu meals includes unlimited rice in either brown or white, pickles, fresh fruit, and miso soup. 

Image from Jon to the World

TikTok trends that you also try include Feto Pasta, Korean Cheesy Egg Sandwiches, Souffle pancakes, Banana Bread, Garlic bread, Charcuterie boards, or overnight oats.


Locally, food trends from our famous fast-food chains also come out. Like the seasonal flavors of Jollibee’s iconic pie. From ube-cheese to choco mallow. Jollibee has also released its choco crumble sundae. On the other hand their greatest competitor, Mcdonalds released their holiday special flavor. Recently, they were also famous for their secret menu and food hack like their classic french fries topped with a sundae. 


2022's food trends highlighted our common desire to eat wisely and healthfully for the benefit of our bodies, the environment, and our wallets. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, we may expect that many of our eating and food habits from this year will continue into the next and possibly even take regularly in our culinary scene.


Concerts are Back! 


After nearly three years of listening to music solely through earbuds or viewing virtual performances, the Philippines has finally lifted its bans and started opening venues to local and foreign bands and musicians. from small local gig performances to music festivals. It's time to whack your head around!—while still following health protocols, of course. 


Recently, the 90s band Eraserheads held their reunion concert titled “Ang Huling El Bimbo”. Just last week, 88rising brought their coveted Head In The Clouds last December 9-10 in Parañaque City. The event consists of various artists like Joji, Jackson Wang, Niki, and Rich Brian. 

Image from Bandwagon Asia


The live music is back in full swing and more artists are set to perform on stage next year that we all have been waiting for. 2023 is the year for live music to come back! 


2022 Wrapped: Top 5 Discoveries of the Year


Phew! From activity and food round-up we are now transitioning to the crazy discoveries of 2022. 


The pandemic's reality forced us to ask ourselves, "How would we survive?". The year hasn't been kind, particularly in the field of healthcare. But 2022 is not only about good and terrible. It is balanced with positive discoveries and breakthroughs, much like a Yin-Yang. So here is a quick round down to the Top Discoveries of 2022. 


Discovery in Human Evolution Garners Nobel Prize 


Image from Scientific American


This might be a partial discovery for the whole of humanity but, Svante Pääbo received this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research into the genetic relationships among our hominin ancestors. Pääbo, a geneticist from Sweden who heads the Division of Evolutionary Genetics.  He and his colleagues found a new type of hominin known as Denisovans while sequencing the DNA of Neandertals. The amazing fact of the investigation was that early humans mated with these extinct creatures. These relations resulted in traits that some people still retain today.


Perseverance Rover Explores Mars


Image from NASA's Mars Exploration Program


As it traveled across the crater floor, the rover discovered a few unexpected features, such as rocks that have thin purple layers that match a type of rock paint formed on Earth by bacteria. The rover has also been continuously collecting rocks, gathering 14 samples that will be stored on Mars' surface for the next mission to gather. The rover started its awaited exploration of an old river delta at the crater's edge in September. Plans for returning the samples are still being developed by NASA and the European Space Agency and will involve a number of spacecraft, including two helicopters. 


AI Solves One of Biology's Biggest Problems


A biologist has the hardest job including predicting things a naked eye cannot do. But earlier this year, an Ai system called AlphaFold developed by Google-owned DeepMind was able to solve the 3-D structures of around 200 million proteins. These structures are already allowing biologists to unravel riddles, and they may also lead to novel pharmacological treatments and more resilient crops. 


Spanish Shipwreck Found on Oregon Coast


Near the northern coast of Oregon, the wreckage of a legendary Spanish ship was uncovered that has been missing since 1693. Authorities, search-and-rescue teams, and archaeologists found wood timbers that they think were taken from the Santo Cristo de Burgos, a Spanish ship that disappeared in 1693 while sailing from the Philippines to Mexico. Only three ships from the same time period, which were characterized by trans-Pacific transport voyages, have been found thus far. The other ones were found in Oregon, California, and Baja, Mexico, but up until this point, none of them had hull remains.


Newly Discovered Egyptian Tomb Could Be Cleopatra's


Image from Good News Network


A huge tunnel measuring more than 4,200 feet in length and 42 feet in depth was found by archaeologist Kathleen Martinez and her team in Taposiris Magna in northern Egypt. It turns out that a portion of this tunnel may have collapsed due to the many earthquakes that have struck this region throughout the years. The archaeologist believes she has finally located Cleopatra's secret tomb after nearly 20 years of searching. Various hints have appeared from the start of the excavations to suggest to the teams that they may be uncovering the tomb of the most well-known queen of ancient Egypt.


Indeed 2022 has been a rough and smooth balance for many. These new activities and discoveries have emerged due to the reason that we all deserve good in every bad. So, reward and treat yourself with GTGs or just some good news as we end this year and welcome 2023!