Regional Feasts: 5 Delectable Feasts to Try in Camiguin Island

Feliz Bueno
November 03, 2022

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Craving for meals that make you feel at home? How about Filipino delicacies to devour? No matter where we go, and for good reason, Filipino food will always take us home. Get to know the culture of Camiguin and discover the delectable feasts the island offers! 


Camiguin: The Island Born of Fire 


Camiguin Island is one of the smallest and most peaceful islands in the Philippines in the Bohol Sea. Off the Northern Coast of Mindanao, it’s a water-based island that will please adventurous visitors, travelers, and beach lovers for its various waterfalls, natural springs, spotless beaches, and even diving spots. With several well-preserved tourist spots filled with ancestral homes, Spanish churches, and heritage sites around the island, Camiguin made its mark with its annual festivals showcasing and celebrating their love and specialty for sweet lanzones fruits. 


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Proudly labeled the “Island Born of Fire,” Camiguin is more than just an island: it’s a beautifully secluded home to seven volcanoes that continue to shape a scenery that is distinctive, majestic, and picturesque. Camiguin is an island province that attracts visitors for its unique beaches, cultural sites, fruits, and many more regional delicious feasts. 


Regional Feasts: 5 Feasts to Try on Camiguin Island 




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Have you ever tried the sweetest lanzones ever? This is one of Camiguin Island’s proud delicacies! The tropical fruit grows abundantly on the island. While it’s seasonal, they say it is best enjoyed during the “-ber” months while celebrating the annual Lanzones Festival in October. 

Chicken Surol


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Searching for anything savory on the island? Try the island’s famous cuisine, Chicken Surol - a chicken soup that is freshly made with coconut milk, something you should not miss!

Dried Pusit


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In every trip you prepare for, some experienced tourists or travelers have always genuinely expressed their love and craving for certain meals and how they are a must! In Camiguin Island, it is a must for you to try the Dried Pusit. Camiguin’s dried skinless squid is an umami bomb best served with spicy vinegar and garlic fried rice.


Pastel De Camiguin


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What else should you try that’s mouthwatering? Dare to devour a local specialty and a pasalubong delicacy, Pastel de Camiguin! They fill this sweet bun dessert with macapuno, ube, and yema, for the ultimate Filipino dessert experience. 


Sea Urchin 


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Do you like uni in Japanese restaurants? You’re in for a treat in Camiguin! Savor the flavors of the sea right off the shell when you buy tuyom, or sea urchin, freshly prepared right before your eyes. We recommend eating this with just a touch of spiced vinegar for a refreshing taste of the ocean’s bounty.


Why Should You Visit Camiguin Island? 


Camiguin Island has a lot of tourist spots and delectable feasts to offer, despite being one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines. While the island may have a secluded reputation, first-time travelers and people who simply love traveling will get to explore never-before-seen sights, feast on the local cuisine, and enjoy the local hospitality it is widely known for.


We hope you have learned new things about Camiguin, the roots of the island, its culture, and the local delicacies we’re sure you cannot wait to try!