Set it All Free: Rage Rooms in the Philippines Where You Can Let Your Emotions Out

Joanna Marie O. Santos
May 18, 2023

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Rage rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years as a unique way for individuals to release their pent-up anger and frustration. These rooms are designed to provide a safe and controlled environment where people can smash, break, and destroy various objects without fear of judgment or consequences.


Rage rooms first appeared in Japan in the early 2000s and have subsequently spread to other countries, including the United States and now the Philippines. Typically, the rooms are furnished with goods such as old televisions, furniture, and glassware, that guests can demolish with various equipment such as baseball bats, sledgehammers, and crowbars.


While rage rooms may appear to be a violent and destructive pastime, they can be a therapeutic experience for certain people. People often come to rage rooms because breaking objects can create a sense of release while providing relief from stress and anxiety. Rage rooms can also be a unique and fun way to commemorate special occasions or team-building events.



The most popular rage rooms in the Philippines



The Rage Room

Image from The Rage Room Facebook Page


The Rage Room, which opened on March 18, is located on President's Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque City, Philippines. It is open until 1 p.m. on Tuesdays through Sundays. to 10 p.m. Rates for 15 minutes begin at P120. Guests also receive protective gear, such as a helmet and a set of safety goggles, to allow them to smash things with ease. You can even have a photo of someone you despise put on the wall to give you even more desire to smash stuff.


Their establishment takes great pride in being the first-ever rage room in a coffee shop. The Rage Room offers a variety of beverages to help you cool down or calm your nerves after a session. Indulge in a refreshing 16-oz cup of iced white caramel mocha for only P135 or savor a soothing hot cup of caramel macchiato for P115. They firmly believe that coffee has the power to fix anything. 



RageRoom QC



The Rage Room QC at 233F Santa Catalina Street in La Loma, Quezon City, takes pleasure in offering a secure and stimulating environment for you to vent all of your pent-up emotions and expectations. They have three packages that are designed to suit your individual wants and preferences: Woke Up & Chose Violence (P299), Peace Was Never an Option (P399), and Life is Short Smash (P499).


But don't worry about getting wounded because they put your safety first. They supply safety equipment such as hard caps and gloves to keep you safe from flying plate and bottle fragments. They also advise to wear closed shoes for extra protection.


Please keep in mind that bringing sharp or flammable materials is not permitted. But don't worry, they have plenty of plates and bottles for you to smash to your heart's pleasure for an extra price.



Barrio Rage Room



Barrio Rage Room is the newest addition to Isabela's stress-relief scene! Barrio Rage Room is located in Namnama, Mallig, 3323 Isabela. This haven is intended to meet the requirements of outraged residents wishing to vent their frustrations. With a plethora of breakables, including ceramics and shattered televisions, as well as an extensive armory of weaponry, this rage room is the ideal spot to let off some steam.


You no longer have to bottle up your annoyances and let them fester inside. Instead, come to the Barrio Rage Room to let out your inner rage in a safe and regulated atmosphere. Whether you're suffering with work-related stress, marital problems, or simply need to vent, their rage room is the ideal option.

Superslam Rage Room

Taksyapo walls were maybe the first prototype of rage rooms in the Philippines. The term "Taksyapo" is an old Kapampangan idiom that loosely translates as "irritated." Words scattered on a huge wall become targets for easily broken pottery or glass bottles. 


They draw the same idea as the Superslam Rage Room in Pampanga, but on a more visceral and artistic scale. Ragers can exercise their crude display of power against heavy crates and LCD screens if they are outfitted with Superslam's weaponry. The inanimate things reflect all the regrets and grievances that have been carried into Superslam. For a therapeutic release, use a baseball bat to grind them into a fine powder.



Break Room Philippines

Break Room PH by Breakout Escape Rooms | LoopMe Philippines



The Breakroom Philippines is a unique establishment situated on the ground floor of Paragon Plaza, 130 Epifanio de los Santos Ave., Mandaluyong. It offers a safe and controlled environment where people can release their pent-up anger and stress by breaking things, or simply indulge in some fun-filled smashing.


Upon entering the facility, you will find a room filled with items that are designated for smashing. With a bat in hand, you can let out your frustrations on these objects, providing a cathartic experience that is both satisfying and therapeutic.



Although rage rooms may appear to be a silly hobby, for some people they function as a sort of therapy. We all feel different emotions as humans, and sometimes we need a method to express them in a healthy way. Rage rooms allow people to express their anger and stress in a way that does not hurt them or others. The increasing popularity of rage rooms in the Philippines reflects the country's shifting attitudes about mental health and the value of prioritizing self-care and mental wellness.